We are now open our normal hours.

Covid-19 Protocol


  1. Please arrive at your appointment time (no earlier or later)
  2. Please wait outside until told to come in, if there is a queue, please self distance
  3. Please sanitize on arrival using our hand pumps that will be located in the salon for you
  4. Please do not attend your appointment if you are unwell or experiencing any COVID-19 symptoms
  5. Please come alone to your appointment
  6. No children (unless for an appointment)
  7. Cash and card welcome
  8. Please wear a face mask when you enter the salon, we have some for an additional £1.00
  9. Please bring minimal belongings
  10. Appointments only, no walk-ins
  11. Please keep phone use to a minimum
  12. There will be no drinks served in the salon, if you wish to bring one in a bottle, please do
  13. Each appointment will have an additional £1.00 on top of each appointment as previously discussed to help cover PPE
  14. All work stations including chairs, gowns (newly washed) equipment will be sanitized and cleaned on arrival and between each client

Most of all, please enjoy your appointment with us.

When you’re in the salon with us, we would be grateful for any feedback towards our policy and new salon ways. This will also help us with making sure we are doing everything we can and if not more to keep our work environment as efficient and safe for all members of staff and the public. Thank you.

Kylie & the DREAMZ TEAM